How to Properly Care for Your Designer Handbag – 5 Must-Do’s

Picture your favorite designer handbag. The one that fits perfectly on your shoulder and snugly in the crook of your elbow. The one that you want to wear everyday with every outfit and could care less if it actually matches. It’s as though you have found your fashion soul mate. Now that you are thinking about how much you love and cherish your favorite arm candy, wouldn’t it be a travesty for it to no longer be in your life? The good news is that there are ways to prolong its life. There are multiple techniques to go about it, but I will share with you the top five ways to properly care for your designer handbag.

Let’s start with the outside of leather purses. Leather is a precious material that is built to last, but even the richest fabrics have their weaknesses. The best thing that a fashionista can do is to purchase a leather protectant. It will act as a coat of armor for your most prized possession by fighting everyday wear and tear in addition to the random freak accidents that include an ice cream cone or big puddle of water. Protectants can be found for as little as $8 at any store specializing in leather. In order to select the product that will work best for your bag, bring the purse into the store and have the associate help you. Upon purchasing, it is imperative to follow the directions precisely.

Following suit with protecting your handbag comes the caution of over cleaning it. Using too many chemicals too often will lead to a build up that could compromise the integrity of the materials. In fact, the type of material itself will depend on how often you should clean your bag and what type of technique you should use to clean it. And for all of the DIY fashionistas, never try to remove a large stain by yourself. This can lead to permanent damage if the stain is not correctly treated. Instead, the purse should be taken to a specialist who will know how to properly care for it.

Another important tip is to never place your designer handbag on the floor. Everyone knows that the ground is the official meeting place of germs and all things nasty. A lady’s purse should never make acquaintances with these social outcasts. This location also makes your purse more susceptible to scratches and tears from being stepped on or scooted. The best places to store a handbag while out and about are on the back of a chair, across your lap or knee, or on one of those new portable purse hooks. The popularity of these hooks is steadily increasing due to their affordability and stylish way of displaying a girl’s designer purse for the world to see. While the floor should always be considered off-limits to your precious designer handbag, there are times when there are simply no other options and a true fashionista must always be prepared. Having feet on the bottom is an excellent way to minimize damage. If your favorite bag did not come with feet already attached, then the problem can easily be solved with a quick trip to the leather specialist who can easily add them.

Moving to the inside of your beloved bag, it is a good idea to invest in an interior liner. These are perfect for protecting your lovely from lip gloss explosions or lidless pens. Also, if for some strange reason the urge to carry a different purse for the day hits you, then a purse caddy will allow for a quick and painless transition.

The last tip for preserving your favorite designer handbag is to carefully store it. Put tissue or a purse support on the inside to help preserve the shape. Then place the bag inside of the original dust cover it came in. If the original cover is not good and roomy, don’t worry! This problem can easily be solved by placing the handbag into a pillowcase or some type of cotton sheet. Never store it in vinyl or plastic! This will disallow the material to breathe and will trap in moisture, which could potentially create an environment suitable for the growth of mold. Last but not least, never leave your bag hanging on a hook for more than a few days. This could warp the shape of the strap and will cause stress on the stitching. Instead, place the purse into a cubby or onto some type of shelf with ample room to avoid squishing.

Finding a designer handbag that fulfills all of your needs is a tough feat. That is why it is so important to properly care for them. For the ladies who have yet to find their fashion soul mate, now is the time to search! So when you do find your perfect designer purse, follow these steps to ensure you will have it for years to come.